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Humberto Canale | Patagonia

Humberto Canale | Patagonia

Humberto Canale was a pioneering engineer who played a significant role in developing agriculture in Patagonia; and in 1909 he founded and built the 'Humberto Canale' winery in the heart of the Rio Negro province.

Today, four generations later, Guillermo Barzi Canale has successfully managed the Humberto Canale winery over its 100th vintage and developed the established vineyards and winery practices to fit the requirements of global wine drinking in the new millennium.

Patagonia has a cooler climate than that of Mendoza and lends itself well to the production of aromatic wines with excellent naturally balancing acidity. Pinot Noir flourishes here and their Sauvignon Blanc is unparalleled within Argentina. 

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