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Halves, Magnums & Bigger Bottles

Halves, Magnums & Bigger Bottles

Half-Bottles of wine (375ml) provide a great option in allowing you to open special wines without committing to a whole bottle, making these wines accessible for that mid-week tipple and for enjoying all by yourself!

But they are also a good option for food matching at dinner parties allowing you to open different wines with different dishes or courses. Halves are more portable, so ideal for picnics or travelling and they make great little gift's.

Magnums (equivalent to two standard 75cl bottles) and larger format bottles make fantastic gifts for those looking to impress someone special. They are also the perfect size for celebrations and parties plus they really look good on the table!

Wine bottled in these larger formats will also mature more slowly than standard 75cl bottles making them an ideal investment for those looking to cellar wine for future enjoyment.

Hic! is able to offer a number of wines and Champagnes in half-bottle, magnum and larger formats including: Jeroboam (equivalent to four bottles), Methuselah (eight bottles) and Salmanazar (12 bottles).