Wine Finder:
Using Power Search:
+ and - Keywords:
Use + to include and - to exclude keywords.
e.g. +towel -red (must include towel where not red)
Phrase Search:
Use Quotes to search for a phrase rather than individual words.
e.g. "lord of the rings" (must match phrase lord of the rings, rather than individual words in the sentence)
Use * to search for incomplete words.
e.g. max* (find words beginning with max)
e.g. *max (find words ending with max)
e.g. *max* (find words with max anywhere in the word)
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Search Tips
Keep It Simple:
If you're not finding results, try simplifying your search, a few keywords is much more likely to bring results than a sentence or exact description.
Think what the product will have in its title or description:
Try alternative search phrases that may also be used to describe the product your looking for.
Use descriptive words:
Try concise keywords that match the product, rather than generic phrases e.g. ferrari rather than car.