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Rooster's Brewing Company | Yorkshire

Rooster's Brewing Company | Yorkshire

Rooster's Brewing Company is based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and hatched in 1993. At a time when most ales for sale were traditionally brown, Rooster’s fast developed a reputation for brewing ground-breaking, hop-forward pale ales that showcased exciting new hops bought in especially from the USA. Beers such as Yankee™ soon started to attract the attention of judges at beer festivals across the UK, racking up countless awards along the way.

Fast forward twenty years and (although there has been a respected change in ownership) Rooster's are still crazy about hops and the unique flavours they can impart on beer. Their hop store is crammed full of hop varieties from all over the world; from Australia and New Zealand to Slovenia and North America.

Rooster's continue in their quest to produce the highest quality, clean-drinking beers possible, whilst also continuing to experiment and innovate, as new beer styles evolve and customer curiosity grows.

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